Somali new cabinet and their detials

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Somali premier names his cabinet

Mogadishu (Sunatimes) Somalia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, on Wednesday evening announced his new cabinet Ministers, most of whom are new to the cabinet after days of delays.
The newly appointed cabinet ministers are as follows;

1. Ahmed Hassan Gabobe (Ugas Bile)-Justice & Religious Affairs Minister.From Dir ,Biyomaal Clan ( Eritrean Citizen) Former Al Itihad Leader.
2. Mohamed Hajji Ibrahim, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs (
(Somali British)From Rahanweyne Clan ,Digil Dabare sub Clan
3. Hussein Arab Issa, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence.
From Isaaq Clan Garxajis Ciidda gale ,Reer Iidle,(Somali American )
4. Abdullahi Ugas Hussein Ugas Khalif, Deputy Prime Minister and Trade and Industry Minister.
From Daarood Clan,Ogaadeen ,Coowl yahan,Subcaln (Somali Swedish)
5. Abdisamad Moalim Mohamoud Sheikh Hassan, Minister for Internal Affairs & National Security From Hawiye Clan,Habargidir Ceyr Subclan,(Canadian Somali)
6. Abdinasir Mohamed Abdulle, Finance & Treasury Minister  From
Daarood Clan Mareexaan ,reer Siyaad Sub Clan (Somali American )
7. Asho Osman Aqil, Women & Family Affairs Minister From Others People Jareerweyne Clan,Shiidle Subclan,Reports from Bal’ad town in Middle Shabelle say that Al-Shabaab led administration in the area is holding the newly appointed minister for Women and Family Affairs, Asho Osman Aqil.
8. Abdullahi Haji Hassan, Minister for Agriculture & livestock.From Rahanweyn Clan,Mirifle Leesaan Subclan.
9. Dr. Abdiaziz Sheikh Yussuf, Minister for Health.From Dir Clan,Faqi Muhumad Subclan (Somali American)
10. Abdikadir Hussein Mohamed, Information Minister From Hawiye Clan,Murusade Subclan (Somali British)
11. Mohamed Moahamud Shekh Hassan, Minister  for Social Affairs, Labor and Sports From Isaaq Clan,Habar Awal Subclan.
12. Abdulrahman Sheikh Ibrahim, Environment and Sea resource minister.( Unknown yet )
13. Adan Abdullahi Adan, Transport and Ports Minister.From
Rahanweyn Clan,Mirifle,Hadamo Subclan.
14. Abdulrahman Hosh Jibril, Federal Constitution and Reconciliation Affairs Minister.From Daarood Clan,Leelkase Subclan (Somali Canadian) Lawyer who is drug dialer .
15. Jeylani Nur Ikar, Public Works and Reconstruction Minister.From Other,Reer Hamar Subclan.
16. Abdulkadir Mohamed Di’isow, Minister for Water, Minerals and Energy.
From Hawiye Clan Gaal jecel,Abtisame, Subclan (Somali Finish) 
17. Prof. Ahmed Aideed Ibrahim, Education and Culture Minister.
From Daarood Clan,Dhulbahante subclan.

18. Abdullahi Godah Barre, Planning and International Co-operation. From Hawiye Clan,Hawaadle,AgoonSubclan (Somali American)

By Dahir Alasow

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