Somalia: Galmudug state newly elected president

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Newly appointed Galmudug State parliament of Somali republic has elected his Excellency Dr KHALIF MOHAMUD ELMI TIMAKALAJEX,

Galkayo (Sunatimes) Newly appointed Galmudug State parliament of Somali republic has elected his Excellency Dr KHALIF MOHAMUD ELMI TIMAKALAJEX, defeating Somali most notorious warlord, Cabdi Hassan cawaale qeybdiid who have massacred incalculable Somali innocent civilians. The defeat of the warlord is welcome news to all Somali citizens and matter of accomplishment. If will give and encourage all Somalis in different parts of Somalia to distance, discourage, and hold accountable of their hideous crimes. Warlords have destroyed Somali national bride, value, economy, rape all sorts of Somali women, extorted, slaughtered and assassinated our intellectuals and exterminated sole existence. Cabdi Hassan cawaale qeybdiid is on wanted list of war criminals and will be extradited to ICC (INTERNAL CRIMINAL COURT).

Notorious warlords have no place in our society. It’s a complete nightmare for Galmudug state people and the inspiration of their brighter future. Cabdi Hassan cawaale qeybdiid is well known as a notorious warlord, how has committed numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity against his people and our beloved nation,

with a staggering, undoubted and shocking evidence. Every man, woman and child in Somalia is aware of his hideous and monstrous crimes. For the last 21 years Cabdi Hassan Cawaale Qeybdiid has done nothing for his nation and its people and his community (Sacad) in particular. He has never contributed anything that is constructive let alone development project or initiative to his clan/community or Somali nation.

Let us not forget that this man (Cabdi Hassan cawaale qeybdiid) has slaughtered thousands of our youth, men, women and children and hindered our development, his gangs has raped, killed, tortured, roped and mistreated sacaad community and Somali people in general. He has been behind sacaad community distrust, disunity and political mayhems. He has made money out of our blood and stolen our dignity. He is the owner of road blocks between Galinsor and Galkacyo and is charging vehicles owner incomprehensible amount of money through fear. What development, leadership and initiatives that he and his evil companions failed realise, achieve or campaign for the last 21 years, will he accomplish as president of Galmudug?

He is most notorious and dangerous Somali warlords, a truly lords of destruction and mayhem. Mogadishu was one of the most breath-taking and scenery capital cities in Africa, was reduced to rubble by evil Cabdi Hassan cawaale qeybdiid and other warlords gangs.

By Ahmed Hijaaz

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