Somalia topnews: Al-Shabaab inner fighting possible

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Mogadishu(Sunatimes)The long standing misunderstanding between leader of Al-Shabaab Ahmed Abdi Aw Mohamud Godane and his deputy man Mokhtar Robow Abu-Mansor has soured after three-day mediation conference in a Hotel located in Somalia’s southern town of Marka ended in failure.

The rift has reached on the peak when Godane removed his deputy Robow from the Shura council and also ordered to finish a wounded militant belonging to Robow’s military wing, intelligence sources told

"In every place I remain, I receive telephone calls and the callers complain about injustice done to them by some of the top Al-Shabaab leaders. I have been silent long about that and now it seems that it is gone happen to me. You know that one of our commander of Mujahideens Sheikh Ayub has been wounded in the Mogadishu’s fighting and then gone missing where his about. I was told that he was killed by the man whom you know Godane. I went to Godane himself and asked him why he did this and he told me ‘after having been seen that Ayub was badly injured, I ordered to finish and give him his Shahada (martyrdom)." Robow told his loyal militants in Baidoa town in southern Somalia.

Swearing in the name of Allah, Robow also dubbed as (Abu-Mansor) said Ahmed and his companion know nothing about the Islamic religion and vowed that things will change.

After the deadlock of the mediation talks in Marka, Robow started to take the wounds of his militias from Mogadishu to Baidoa as Ahmed Godane told his men that Robow was fired from the administration after he turned away from the Jihad path.

But Ibrahim Haji Jama known as Afgani who is close relative with Ahmed Godane has verbally attacked Robow describing him as rascal and clan-man. "Let him go, he is nothing."

Fuad Shangole who was among the Al-Shabaab mediators delivered speech to the fighters in Baidoa and told them that it might be possible to begin a fitna fighting within the Mujahideens.

"If that war starts, you must not participate and do your business." Shangole said.

Some of Al-Shabaab officials were quoted as saying "Ahmed Godane heartily believes in tribalism and bring some of his clan men to the top positions in Al-Shabaab like defense and financial department."

This could lead a split between Al-Shabaab fighters into two opposing enemies which can give better chance to the besieged Somali government.

By Abdi Salaan Abdulle

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